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Also known as SafeSwimmer, Kiefer’s ISHOF Safer Swimmer Buoy is a brightly colored, lightweight, inflatable device with waist belt that visibly floats behind a swimmer in open bodies of water, making the swimmer more visible to lifeguards, boaters and other open water vehicles. Safer Swimmer open water swim buoy can also be used in an emergency as a flotation device, or to calm distressed swimmers. The Safer Swimmer swim safety device will not interfere with swimming, and now it is no longer necessary to leave valuables behind on the beach. A dry pouch on one side holds smaller items such as a wallet and keys in the medium size, or larger items, such shoes and clothing in the large size. Excellent for open water swimmers, triathletes, or anyone else who would benefit from added confidence in the water. Sizes: Large (25″ x 12″): suggested for swimmers over 190 pounds, or for those who want to carry more gear.

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