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TotalBoat Gelcoats create a super-smooth, high-gloss finish on top of fiber-reinforced composites. These high-quality gelcoats contain a premium-grade ISO NPG polyester resin more durable than basic orthophthalic resins, and preferred in many boat building, restoration & repair projects due to greater strength, flexibility & resistance to water, weather, and chemicals.

Gelcoats are available without wax for use in layups, and with wax for finishing. Generally, 2% MEKP catalyst is best, but the catalyst can be adjusted to account for temperature differences. In cooler conditions, add up to 3% MEKP. In warmer conditions or for added working time, add 1% MEKP. At 77°F, pot life is 8-12 minutes. Cured gelcoat can be dewaxed, wet sanded & buffed to a high-gloss, protective finish.

Gelcoat without wax is usually used for the initial layer of a layup, but for a tack-free cure, mix in a paraffin wax additive (sold separately) at a rate of 20 drops per ounce of gelcoat without wax (16 oz. of Gelcoat w/o Wax = 1/4 oz. of Wax Additive, 32 oz. of Gelcoat w/o Wax = ½-1 oz. of Wax Additive, and 1 gal. of Gelcoat w/o Wax = 2-4 oz. of Wax Additive).

TotalBoat Gelcoats can also be tinted to achieve a desired color. For neutral gelcoat, add 10% polyester resin or gelcoat colorant (12% for yellow, red, purple, light green, & orange). For white gelcoat, use up to 1% gelcoat colorant. Always mix colorant thoroughly into the gelcoat before adding MEKP.

If thinning, use styrene, not acetone. If applying to a mold, use a mold release agent first. If applying over TotalBoat TotalFair epoxy fairing compound, apply TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer or TotalProtect before applying Gelcoat. Compare to West Marine Gelcoat and Evercoat® Gel-Kote. TotalBoat Gelcoat provides an exceptionally smooth finish and is a better value. All TotalBoat products are developed by boaters for boaters. We know what works and what doesn’t. 100% made in the USA.

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